Help Documentation

The Export Tool allows users to create custom OpenStreetMap (OSM) exports for selected HOT regions in various data file formats. The OSM data available for download is updated at one minute intervals. This help documentation will assist users in navigating the site, and use the available functionality effectively to generate OSM exports.

Main Pages

The OSM Export Tool has three main sections; an area to create new exports (Create), an area where existing exports are stored and can be re-run (Exports), and an area where preset files are stored and can be accessed (Presets). The following links will take the user step by step through the each section, providing guidance for the available functions:

File Formats

The OSM Export Tool can download data in five different file formats; Esri SHP, Garmin IMG, Google KMZ, OSM PBF and SQlite SQL. The following links will provide users with information regarding each file format:

Feature Selection

The OSM Export Tool provides two ways a user can specify which feature tags they would like to export from a selected area; either from the built-in interactive 'Tree Tag' or load a customised 'Preset File' created outside of the tool. This section provides the user guidance on how to do both: