Fresh Humanitarian Maps

Download up-to-date humanitarian maps for GIS analysis or for use in GPS devices and Smartphones.

This platform allows you to create custom OpenStreetMap (OSM) exports for various HOT regions. You can specify an area of interest and a list of OSM feature tags for the export. There are a number of file formats available for exporting the data in, which includes Esri SHP, Garmin IMG, Google KMZ, OSM PBF and SQlite SQL. The OSM data available from the Export Tool is updated at one minute intervals.

How to Get Started

You can view and search through existing HOT exports at our Exports page. It is not required to have an account to view or search existing exports, however if you would like to create a new export please Login with your OSM account. If this is the first time you have logged into the HOT Export Tool, you will be asked to provide a valid email address. More detailed help information on how to use the Export Tool is available on our Help page.

Original Export Tool

The original HOT Export Tool is available here.

Login to OpenStreetMap

If you don't have an OpenStreetMap account you can register for one here.